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Welcome to a Different Kind of Insurance Agency.

Knight-Dik Insurance is an independent, family-owned business that’s been serving the Central Massachusetts community and beyond for four generations.

Do we provide great insurance? Sure. But many agencies can do that. What makes us different is how we focus on the parts of insurance that aren’t just about insurance.

For us, a good insurance agent is one who’s also a valued adviser. One who looks beyond insurance to risk management. One who helps you find the most appropriate, cost-effective policy and then shows you how to keep premiums low by reducing the chances you’ll need to file a claim. So yes, we offer insurance for every need. And yes, we’re definitely different.

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8 Ways To Know If You Are Overpaying For Your Workers’ Compensation Insurance

Commercial Construction & Renovation
There are many factors that determine the cost of your workers’ compensation insurance and, fortunately, changes to your business, your staff, or the way that you work can reduce the cost. The easiest way to determine if you’re overpaying for your workers’ compensation insurance is to conduct a simple self-audit. Here’s a simple 8-part audit to help you determine if you could be saving money on your workers’ compensation policy.

A Commitment To Safety In 2021

Worcester Business Journal
Last year was full of safety concerns for just about every industry, and 2021 is no different. As the threat of COVID-19 transmission decreases thanks to vaccination, it’s important to remember workplace safety shouldn’t take a back seat. In fact, you now have a great opportunity to continue the focus on health and take a wellness approach toward your employees’ safety instead of just doing what is required to check a box.

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