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Workers’ Comp Blog Posts

Proper Analysis Is The Key To Understanding Workers’ Comp Costs

In order to reduce your workers’ com­pensation costs, you have to analyze where you are and how you got there. By doing so, you’ll be able to determine how to handle any problems. The mistake that many busi­ness owners make is skipping this step and trying to throw anything and everything at the problem, before they even understand what the problem is.

Being Leadership Driven Can Steer Your Company In The Right Direction When It Comes To Job Safety

This is critical because if employees don’t see a continued interest in this initiative, they will lose interest themselves. They can easily interpret the lack of communication as a loss of interest at the leadership level. Every company wants to lower their workers’ compensation costs, and developing a company-wide wellness and safety program is a very effective way to do this.

Managing Open Claims the Key to Controlling Workers’ Comp Costs

One key to reducing your workers’ comp costs is actively managing any open claims to make sure the requisite treatment is proceeding as it should and the reserves are fair and not excessive. Poor management of open claims can add thousands of dollars onto your workers’ comp costs, so improving this can be a substantial and immediate cost saver for your business.

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