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Insurance for Construction Companies, Trade Contractors and Facility Service Providers

Knight-Dik Insurance knows construction, contracting and facility operations. We understand how accidents, project delays, quality control, theft and vandalism, and contractual guarantees represent just a handful of the potential risks that keep contractors and project managers up at night.

Whether you’re a construction company, a trade contractor or a manager of a property or building, we will assist you in selecting the right coverage from the right insurance carrier. With access to all the major insurance carriers, plus an array of specialty markets for tougher risks, our construction specialists will help you achieve the greatest value for your insurance and risk management investment.

We’ve built our company — in business now for over a century — by getting to know what matters to our clients and what doesn’t. We work closely with you to identify the most appropriate insurance and risk management choices. We take the time to understand your unique situation, make suitable recommendations, reduce costs wherever possible, and provide outstanding, personalized service.

Interested in learning more about insurance for your business? At Knight-Dik Insurance, we’ll work with you to design coverage that protects your business from a variety of risks, unique to you. For a free insurance premium analysis, simply fill out the form or call 800-286-6353.

Plumbing, HVAC, electrical, welding, concrete, excavating, carpentry, painting, drywall, roofing, trees, masonry, cleaning, appliance technician, machinery install

Commercial construction or renovations; residential home building or remodeling, and, institutional buildings (government, educational, cultural)

Roads, small bridges, communications lines and structures, irrigation or drainage construction, and sewer, water or steam mains

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