Another WorkersComp Results Program Success Story:

Ambulance Company in Central Massachusetts Saves Nearly $90,000 in Workers’ Comp Premiums


An ambulance company located in central Massachusetts with two divisions — wheelchair vans and traditional on-call ambulance services — with more than 100 employees and annual revenues in the $20 million range was seeing abnormally high insurance premiums.


After conducting due diligence, the Knight-Dik team determined that the increase in premiums was a result of a misclassification in the auditing process, whereas at least 40% of its payroll (on the ambulance side of the ledger) was being misclassified under the “taxi” code.

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The team at Knight-Dik worked closely with the employer, the workers’ compensation board, and the insurance carrier to make sure each payroll classification was accurate.


Once all errors were rectified, and all classifications were accurate, the client received an immediate $37,000 savings, as well as an additional $50,000 from the previous three years, for a total savings just under $90,000.