Another WorkersComp Results Program Success Story:

Boston Electrical Contractor Addresses Employee Behavior With Updated Company Handbook


A fistfight broke out between two employees of an electrical contractor in Boston. . The aggressor broke his hand and the employee who was attacked was left with a broken nose.


The biggest question for this employee was “Is one employee intentionally punching another in the face covered by workers’ compensation insurance”?


The good news was that both employees were covered. After that issue was settled, the issue of how to handle the employee who assaulted another was addressed. This client realized that many of their concerns weren’t currently being addressed in their HR policy and company handbook. Knight-Dik referred them to ThinkHR to tighten up their policies. The company also sought legal counsel via a referral from Knight-Dik.


This incident was a tipping point for the company, and the owner decided to move away from high-stress commercial jobs and get back to high- end residential work, which has improved the business.


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