Another WorkersComp Results Program Success Story:

Boston Trucking Company Brings Injured Trucker Back to Work and Reduces Premium As A Result


Upon reviewing the workers’ compensation claims of a trucking company in Boston, Knight-Dik learned that one of the company’s best truckers had a recent accident that resulted in a crushed hand. This employee required surgery so it was clear there would be costs in the form of lost time and medical costs from workers’ compensation.


In order to get this employee back to work, Knight-Dik educated the client on ways they could provide alternative work. They brought work to him in the hospital that he was able to do so he could continue getting his normal pay.

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Since the employee was able to continue working in a modified setting, there was no missed time. We ran the scenario of going through workers’ compensation versus the company paying for this employee’s medical costs and determined it would be less expensive to cover the expenses.


As result of the efforts of Knight-Dik, this company went from paying a premium that was about 70% higher than its peers down to paying a premium that was just 30% higher. Because Knight-Dik reviewed the controllable costs of workers’ compensation, this client was able to prevent the premium from going back up.

By providing modified work for their employee, this company made their employee feel cared for and valuable while allowing him to continue earning his full pay. The entire process allowed the company to take back control of the situation and minimize costs in the process.