Another WorkersComp Results Program Success Story:

Cape Cod Steel Erection Company Implements Comprehensive Hiring Package and Eliminates Fake Claims


A non-union steel erection company based in Cape Cod was experiencing harassment from union employees.. The local union was sending out spies to observe company work sites and report fabricated OSHA violations. The union was also sending its members to job interviews so that upon getting hired, they could fake an injury and initiate a workers’ compensation claim. They were doing this in an effort to pressure the company to hire union workers.


Knight-Dik recognized the need for a more comprehensive hiring package with background checks to deter fraud.


Knight-Dik worked with the client to develop a hiring package that included background checks, pre-employment physicals, and drug screening. Knight-Dik also referred this client to legal counsel so they could take action against the harassment from the local union.


Upon implementing a comprehensive hiring package, there were no more new hires from the union trying to fake a claim. The legal counsel that the client retained was able to sternly inform the union that they needed to cease this activity and they haven’t had any problems since.


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