Massachusetts Construction Classification Premium Adjustment Program

For eligible employers in the construction industry, the Construction Classification Premium Adjustment Program provides up to a 25% credit to standard Workers’ Compensation premiums.

Calculate What The Program Could Save You

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Wages Paid (excl. overtime)
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Class Code Potential Savings
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Find your Workers’ Comp classification code on your statement and enter it using the pull-down menu. Enter the total dollar amount of regular pay, for the last calendar quarter, that you paid to workers covered by Workers’ Comp under your classification (not counting any overtime pay). For that same calendar quarter, enter the total number of employee regular hours associated with the pay amount (not counting any overtime pay). The calculator will display potential savings, as a percent of what you’re paying now. The calculator is for informational purposes only and does not guarantee any premium savings.

If your business is classified under any of the 67 types of construction activities listed for Massachusetts and is eligible for an experience rating, the Premium Adjustment Program is open to you.

Using the calculator above, you can quickly see your projected savings over your CURRENT Workers’ Comp premium. Note that this does not include any further savings you could potentially receive based on other factors besides those that apply to the Premium Adjustment Program.

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