Another WorkersComp Results Program Success Story:

Janitorial Company in Worcester Reduces Workers’ Comp Claims By 40%


Knight-Dik noticed that one of its clients, a A janitorial company in Worcester, Massachusetts frequently had small claims and because its employees work independently, there were no witnesses to any of these incidents. Some of these small medical-only claims were somewhat questionable.


Knight-Dik noticed that this company was sending every injured employee to the emergency room at the hospital even if they did not require ER-level care. This was driving up their costs and providing longer wait times for the employee.


Knight-Dik had a relationship with a local occupational clinic so the company started sending injured employees there instead of the ER unless the injury required an ER-level of care. Many occupational clinics are franchise owned by ER doctors and they provide phenomenal treatment at one-third the price of an ER visit. These clinics are employer friendly because you can develop a relationship with them and have an open line of communication to get the paperwork and documents you need. This is a convenient way to get an injured employee back to work and make sure they’re okay. With an occupational clinic, claims are documented right away and they will bill the employer directly and not just go through worker’s compensation insurance automatically which can be a significant cost saving measure.


As result of the efforts of Knight-Dik, this client saw their workers’ compensation claim cost reduce by 40%. Every time an employee is injured, they now have a more efficient and cost-effective process to put into place.


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