Another WorkersComp Results Program Success Story:

Large Boston-Area Fire Suppression Installation Company Gets Costs Under Control After Numerous Workers’ Comp Claims


  • The insured was experiencing a high frequency on workers compensation claims less than $5,000
  • The insured was experiencing explosive growth in payroll resulting in large workers’ compensation audits
  • The insured was purchasing their workers compensation through the state assigned risk pool
  • The insured did not have proper pollution and professional coverage in place
  • The insureds workers’ compensation, auto liability, general liability and umbrella policies renewed on different effective dates


  • Workers’ compensation claim frequency dramatically increased the insured’s experience rating to 1.62 and ARAP to 1.25 resulting in $126,000 in surcharges
  • General liability audit resulted in additional earned premium of $89,000
  • Workers’ Compensation audit resulted in additional earned premium of $56,000
  • Assigned risk pool payment structures and individual waiver of subrogation request proved to be inefficient
  • Lack of pollution and professional liability coverage was identified as a coverage gap
  • Scattered effective dates made it challenging for the insured to market policies effectively


  • KD team worked with the insured’s safety committee to establish programs which helped mitigate claim frequency, cost and length
  • KD team placed the insured’s general liability policy with a carrier that audit the scheduled hazards quarterly, protecting against large general liability audits
  • KD team enrolled the workers’ compensation program in a “Pay-as-you-go” payroll reporting billing structure
  • KD team placed the worker’s compensation policy with a standard market carrier with a 15% discount, payroll reporting program and blanket waiver of subrogation endorsement
  • KD team placed the insured’s general liability policy in a specialty program that packages general liability, pollution liability and professional liability
  • KD team placed all policies on a universal effective date in line with the insured’s fiscal year


The KD team was able to help the insured take control of their worker’s compensation claims activity reducing their experience rating dramatically over three years to reduce cost. The KD team was also able to reduce general liability rates through a specialty program while also adding pertinent coverages.


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