Another WorkersComp Results Program Success Story:

Merrimack Valley Landscaping Company Experiences $52K in Premium Savings


A growing landscaping operation located in Merrimack Valley, with 22 employees and annual revenues of $1.9 million was experiencing high insurance premiums due to a proliferation of job-related injuries. The increase in injuries was also driving up its experience mod.


It was determined that the increase in injuries on the job was a direct result of a number of factors. Employees weren’t bought into the Safety Program and procedures set in place. Management wasn’t enforcing work place safety with supervisors. Injured employees weren’t being offered return to work/ light duty options.

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The team at Knight-Dik implemented a job safety education program aimed at both employees and supervisors. Education stressed how reducing injuries, and better management of those injuries, would result in significant cost-savings regarding its premiums. The landscaping company implemented a return-to-work program and job bank to bring injured employees back faster. Knight-Dik also worked with the client to obtain a better documentation system regarding working with contractors, as well as the company’s seasonal duties.


As result of the efforts of Knight-Dik, injuries went from an average of three to five per year, down to zero incidents. Along with the premium savings of $52,000 and the lowering of its experience MOD, the client was no longer being placed in a “high risk” category.