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Merrimack Valley Landscaping Company

The company was experiencing high insurance premiums due to a proliferation of job-related injuries.

Boston-Area Catering Company

The company was experiencing high frequency on workers’ compensation claims less than $300.

Boston Electrical Contractor

A fistfight broke out between two employees. The aggressor broke his hand and the employee who was attacked was left with a broken nose.

Rte 495 Area Demolition Company

The company was experiencing high insurance premiums due to a lack of classifications and in addition it was not taking full advantage of auditable workers’ compensation deductions.

Boston Trucking Company

An employee had an accident resulting in a crushed hand requiring surgery.

North Shore Construction Company

The company was experiencing high insurance premiums due to a lack of classifications.

Worcester-Area Moving Company

Three employees were injured in an accident when their truck was rear-ended.

Central Massachusetts Temp Agency

The company was experiencing high insurance premiums due to an extremely high MOD.

Boston-Area Landscaping Contractor

The company was facing $2.2 million in open reserves across all its lines, although they were not directly responsible for all of them.

Southeastern Massaschusetts Non-Profit

The company was facing the possibility of going out of business when it was suddenly brought to their attention that they were required to have workers’ compensation certificates for all its workers, at a cost of $1.1 million.

Worcester Janitorial Company

The company had small, frequent claims and because its employees work independently, there were no witnesses to any of these incidents.

Boston Commercial Electrician

The company had an employee who was injured early in the day on Monday and they weren’t sure if this injury was real or not.

Central Massachusetts Ambulance Company

The company, which operated two divisions — wheelchair vans and traditional on-call ambulance services — was seeing abnormally high insurance premiums.

Central Massachusetts Ski Resort

The company was saddled with a very large premium, so they were looking to make changes.

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