Another WorkersComp Results Program Success Story:

Popular Ski Mountain and Resort in Central Massachusetts Lowers Premium by 8%, Saves $11,000


A popular ski mountain & resort in Central Massachusetts was saddled with a very large premium, so they were looking to make changes. They were performing well but at this size, any activity impacts their premium.


It was discovered that the ski mountain was sending any person with an injury to the ER, even for things that didn’t require that level of care. This drove up their costs because they were putting everything through their workers’ compensation policy, even though they had first-aid facilities on-site to deal with minor injuries.


Knight-Dik identified the opportunity to educate staff on when someone should be sent to ER versus undergoing on-site first aid. After putting this program in place, Knight-Dik created an incentives program where each department who was loss free for the month would be entered into drawing for a gift card to the resort or a weekend away.


As result of the efforts of Knight-Dik, this client is now loss-free and they have a significantly lower premium. Knight-Dik was able to reduce their costs by 8% which amounts to a savings of $11,000.


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