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Take Control Of Your Coverage And Lower Your Premiums

Workers’ compensation insurance coverage benefits both employers and employees after a work-related injury or illness. For employees, workers’ comp covers medical care, lost wages, and support to recover and return to work. For employers, workers’ comp eliminates the need for litigation and helps control potentially devastating financial risks.

Many business owners pay more needlessly for their workers’ comp insurance because they don’t really know what drives their workers’ comp costs. The experienced team at Knight-Dik will show you how to take control of your workers’ comp coverage and lower your premiums. Our proprietary WorkersComp Results process is simple, yet thorough. We’ll walk you through setting up coverage and maintaining it over time. When you or an employee needs policy support, we’ll be ready to help every step of the way. We’ll help you manage – not monitor – your policy so it provides the broadest coverage at the most affordable costs each and every year.

Chris Dik
Chris DikV.P. Sales Management

What You Don’t Know About Workers’ Comp Can Hurt You

Workers’ comp is the one place where what you don’t know can hurt you – and probably does time and time again. Our WorkersComp RESULTS Program has not only helped dozens of area businesses lower their workers’ comp costs, it has also shown the way to keep them low year after year.

Boston-Area Catering Company

The company was experiencing high frequency on workers’ compensation claims less than $300.

Merrimack Valley Landscaping Company

The company was experiencing high insurance premiums due to a proliferation of job-related injuries.

Boston Trucking Company

An employee had an accident resulting in a crushed hand requiring surgery.

Worcester-Area Moving Company

Three employees were injured in an accident when their truck was rear-ended.

North Shore Construction Company

The company was experiencing high insurance premiums due to a lack of classifications.

Central Massachusetts Temp Agency

The company was experiencing high insurance premiums due to an extremely high MOD.

Workers’ Compensation By The Numbers

Businesses Are Overcharged At Least


For Their Workers’ Compensation Insurance
Source: IWCP 2013

Safety Programs Reduce Workers’ Comp Costs By


When implemented at Participating Companies
Source: MMIA 2009

Workers’ Compensations Claims Decrease Up To


When a Comprehensive Claims Process is Implemented
Source: E&Y 2012

Learn How To Better Manage Your Workers’ Compensation Coverage And Costs

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