What Is A Smart Carbon Monoxide Detector?

Imagine going to bed at night with no worries. In the middle of the night, an alarm sounds, warning you to get out of the house. You smell nothing. You can’t see anything wrong. What is wrong?

Carbon monoxide is a silent, deadly killer specifically worrisome during the winter months. A smart carbon monoxide detector can help save your life if it is in place. Should you install one?

What to Know About Carbon Monoxide

Though you may have a fire alarm in your home, you may not have a carbon monoxide detector. However, this gas can build up in almost any home in any area. 

It tends to be present at higher doses during the colder months. During this time, people use their furnaces more and keep windows closed. This creates an opportunity for the gas to build up quickly, creating a deadly situation. Without a detector, you may have no idea there is a risk present.

Why a Smart Detector Matters

You can buy a carbon monoxide detector that works much like your smoke and fire alarm. Put in place, it sounds a loud alarm when it detects the presence of the gas. A smart version can amplify your results. There are various versions of them available. Each is a bit different. However, they tend to offer some key features.

  • Connectivity – You can place several detectors in your home at various levels and spaces. They can communicate with each other. When one detects the presence of carbon monoxide, the others react as well. This allows for earlier warning of the risk in some cases.
  • App Access – Imagine being at work or school when carbon monoxide is building up. You do not want to go home to a toxic home. Smart detectors will alert your phone through an app or text message if there is a risk present. This can also empower you to get help right away.
  • Linking Smoke, Fire, and Carbon Monoxide – Also important is that some systems are able to combine all these risks into one. This minimizes the number of gadgets in your home but also allows you to take advantage of better technology. Some systems can even tell the difference between smoke from cooking or steam and fire risks.

If you have a smart carbon monoxide detector to your home, let us kmow. It may help reduce your home insurance premium if you improve the safety of your home.