Why You Should Connect with High Quality Medical Providers

Nikalas Oates  –  Producer

The goal of any insurance platform is to protect its beneficiary. To take care of your employees, you need to support them with high-quality health and safety solutions. While your business’s workers’ comp insurance policy might be good, it could be better. What are some of the ways your policy can provide better benefits?

A workers’ compensation policy can include a reliable network of skilled medical providers. Keeping your employees healthy is important. Today, high-cost medical treatments account for 60 percent of workers’ compensation expenses. If your business’s support network isn’t strong enough, you might pay the price.

Prioritizing Medical Benefits

While medical treatments cost business owners big bucks, skilled doctors help in-network businesses care for their employees. They also may provide more affordable rates and overall benefits. Workers’ compensation policies place emphasis on medical benefits above other components.

These policies’ doctors often specialize in occupational medicine, too. Because they’re specialized, they’re fantastic resources for injured workers with hefty treatment needs.

What Defines a “Good” Provider?

It can be difficult to pick the best doctors for your network. Still, insight about what makes a good provider exists. The Harvard Business Review sheds some light on this subject. It suggests targeting the following credentials to pick the best doctors for your insurance network:

  • They prioritize patients over costs.
  • They’re accessible with walk-ins.
  • They’re accessible with next-available appointments.
  • They use patient-satisfaction metrics
  • The best medical providers favor patients, rather than money. They also believe in fostering individual patient relationships.

Closing the Network Gap

It’s a good idea to keep your employees and doctors close, too. Patient-provider relationships take time to develop. However, they take form during the first interaction.

If your employees call a network medical provider after a workplace emergency, they deserve to get service immediately. Quick service isn’t only vital to your employees. It’s vital to your business. Every year, businesses spend $170 billion on costs related to occupational injuries. Some of these expenses are out-of-pocket expenses, too, regardless of workers’ comp coverage. Workplaces with high-quality health management systems, however, can lower their illness and injury costs by 20 to 40 percent.

Between absenteeism, reduced productivity and workplace slow-downs, employee injuries are expensive. Your business deserves a safety net, and your employees deserve care and respect. Find a workers’ compensation policy which puts them first, and bring your business’s reliability to the next level.


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