Another WorkersComp Results Program Success Story:

Worcester Moving Company Recovers 92% of Workers’ Comp Claim From Auto Insurance Carrier


Three employees of a moving company in Worcester, Massachusetts were injured in an auto accident when they were rear-ended. This accident was not the fault of the employees and should not technically have been filed as a workers’ compensation claim. However, until all employees recovered, it went through as a workers’ compensation insurance claim. This client was loss-free at the time and found himself now with three claims at no fault of his own or his employees. As a result, his rates were set to double!


It became clear to the Knight-Dik team that it was essential to be aggressive in pushing the process forward so the client could go after the auto insurance carrier. This would require expediting the process in several different ways.

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Knight-Dik was able to work with Acucomp to get two of the three claims closed before they negatively affected the client’s Workers’ Compensation policy. Knight-Dik was also able to help expedite medical reporting to workers’ compensation for the third employee and document everything with the physical therapy clinic that the employee was seeing. Knight-Dik was able to work with medical professionals to educate them on the situation and what the client needed. Opening these clear lines of communication helped to expedite doctors’ appointments and reporting.


As result of these efforts, Knight-Dik helped the client to attain a 92% cost recovery against the auto insurance carrier and only had to absorb 8% of the total cost. This was possible because Knight-Dik was able to reduce the reserve in a timely manner and get things processed quickly so the client could go after the auto insurance carrier.